Thursday, April 30, 2009

Riot Girrlz

Do you have fun plans for the weekend? Mine just got a little more directive. I had intended to post about the fixed costs involved in our water saving system, and the ingenious hose attachment the guys at the hardware store helped me fix together, and maybe something about a truly free tree I scored, but that was before I went out back this morning.

Remember the bean bed? I was having some trouble with slug predation -- a few had been eaten right down into the bean itself, and yet most had come through with just a few raddled leaves.

I was looking forward to watching them climb their strings. This morning, I went out to water and found this

It's difficult to see the depth of these holes. I'd say, they're probably about, oh, a chicken deep each. And in the zinnia bed?

I caught her red-footed when I went out to take pictures, although she ran off at my indignant yelp.

So this weekend, I think I'm going to resize the chicken yard, making it smaller (sorry, girls) and much, much more secure. This will also have the bonus of allowing me to put the beehives aloft on stands, as I've been thinking of. But that, and the interesting conversation with the neighbor yesterday, will all have to wait for another time.


Esperanza said...

This is exactly why I now keep my hens in their (palatial) run. I wanted them to enjoy running around but they just did way too much damage to the food crops and set me back on plantings by eating the seedlings.

Stefaneener said...

Mine are supposed to stay in their generously-sized run.

You know what they say about grass being greener, etc. The run needs tightening up, for sure.

Susan said...

I admire your problem-solving attitude. Sometimes when I have setbacks I just throw up my hands and give up. Good luck with all the work you have planned this weekend. Why do you want to raise up your beehives? Clem is in love with your chicks, by the way.

Kristin said...

Yes, those darn chickens will ruin your garden. Squirt them with a hose and they will still sneak back and feast on new growth, and run when they see you or hear you holler. Your solution sounds fine.