Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Going Fast

Not me, of course.

In fact, this morning I forced Eric to walk to a coffee shop a bit closer than Peet's, but farther than the one he wanted to go to -- they weren't open yet. Sorry, honey. Slow, and spacey, too.

The needle cases are going fast. [Later this morning -- Cherry is gone; just laminated one left.] I still have the laminated one without the turquoise streak, the cherry one, the maple burl, and the Shiro plum. Whoops! The maple burl and the Shiro plum are gone as of this morning!

I just talked to the artist himself, and he's promised me another shipment -- if you don't see something left that you like, keep coming back and there will be more.

The laminated with turquoise, the dark walnut, and the pecan, are all spoken for and on their way this week to their new homes.

My father in law is busily turning more, so keep an eye on this spot! I can email updates when/if I get more. Just let me know.

1 comment:

Ruby Louise said...

Yay! Your father-in-law does beautiful work. I'm thinking these would be awesome stocking stuffers for my needlework-inclined relatives.

As for going fast, there's one 80+ year old at the gym that I'm faster than. His wife (also 80+) totally kicks my butt. She's not only faster, she's got about twice my stamina. I wanna be like her when I grow up. :-)