Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Needle Cases

For anyone who's been waiting, more are on their way to my house right now.

If you're one of the people who have been waiting for a case, please let me know which ones you want by number and name, left to right (like Walnut #2, etc); I'm trying to go on a first-come, first-served approach.

First, all of them together (click to make bigger):

Then, the American Hardwod series II. From left to right, there are two walnut burls, two pecan burls, two Shiro plum, one cherry, one lilac, and two maple burl.

Finally, there are a few acrylic. He says he doesn't usually work in this, but they're pretty and someone might like them. They're a product of the Taiwan plastic tree! I think the ones in the middle look like Tesla coils.

I can imagine a lot of secret pal packages being livened up with one of these little beauties. It's fun having non-knitters find out about the secret underworld of those who wield sticks.


Sarah Marshall said...

I would love the 4th one over in the pecan burl. just let me know how and where to pay. thanks sarah

Tina said...

I would like the first purple one, if possible. My email is tina (at) Thank you!

bysarah said...

First choice lilac (the 8th in the american hardwood series #2), second choice shiro plum #2 (the 6th one in the american hardwood series), third choice maple burl number one (the 9th one in the american hardwood series #2). I would like to buy all three if they are still available. (One for me, and one for each of my two sisters.)

Kim M said...

I would love the cherry one.

Kim M said...

Actually, after seeing them up close, I'd prefer a Shiro Plum. Sorry for any confusion.

Stefaneener said...

So far everyone can have what they asked for. The last maple burl, #10 on the far right is gone also.

I'll send them as soon as I can. Again, paypal to drhpang AT verizon DOT net.

Frances said...

I would like a pecan one please. If that is not available, then a walnut one. My email is
Thank you!

yarn4kalei said...

Hi! I missed it again! :0(

Is there anyway I can pick a lilac and a shiro plum from the next batch? I don't mind paying for it now so that I don't keep missing out. Will that work for you? Please let me know.

Tawana said...

Oooh are any of the acrylic ones left. I would love to buy the blue one. It is so pretty. And if not I would pretty much take a random one (your choice) my email is carmel DOT h AT gmail DOT com.

Stefaneener said...

If you've paid, they're on their way today.

I can't get emails from all of you when I click on your profile, so feel free to email me directly?

I will happily work with you to get the ones you most want. . . my father in law is having a ball with this and likes the idea of bespoke work!

Zonda said...

Hi! My first choice is the Cherry, 2nd choice Shiro Plum.

If either not available, I'll wait until the next one :)

zbelmont AT msn DOT com

Marisol said...

Do you have any more walnut or cherry left? I like the second one from the left.

If not I can wait until the next shipment.

Stefaneener said...

Marisol, email me. I do have walnut.