Monday, April 27, 2009

Strike up the bands; more needle cases

I keep saying, "I only have to do the sleeves," and Sarafina keeps muttering, "You keep using 'only' and 'sleeves' in the same sentence, and I cannot think of one instance where you haven't knit each sleeve at least three times. So you actually have six sleeves left."

Pish tosh, is what I say. I'm pleased with the fit, I'm pleased with the bands, and I do need to figure out where in the color sequence to start the sleeves. I think I'm going to make two at a time, with an in-between steek, to keep the color repeats similar in length to the body. Fortunately, even before I began knitting at all on them, I realized I'm going to have to have a selvedge to sew into the arm holes, so I should make a few extra rows before the pattern. See? That's two sleeves' worth of mistakes I don't have to make!

Still, it's something of a long road between here and finishing completely.

I sewed the bee buttons on just today, while watching "Life in Cold Blood," lent to us by Susan of Homeschooling in the Kitchen fame, using a needle from my olivewood needle holder.

Unless Rosi G. and Kim M. release their claims on the walnut burl and the Shiro plum, these are the seven needle cases I have left until the Australian Hardwood series hits my mailbox. I was thinking that, while these pictures are nice, sometimes it's helpful to see them up close. So I took individual pictures.

This is the maple burl. It's very smooth (he does lovely finishing work).

This is a pecan burl.

This one is taken.This is one of the dyed and laminated wood ones. When I look at it in sunlight, it's mostly gray and red. The Knitpicks laminated wood needles use the same technique.

Also gone.This is another of the pecan heartwood burl ones.

All gone.The last of the blue acrylic. I like the silver findings on it.

These are the red acrylic ones. He's calling these "uncut rubies." They look like a pile of crushed red glass, but of course are very smooth. One has thirds turned into it, the other is more bilaterally symmetrical.

So, if you want them, you can paypal the maker at drhpang AT verizon DOT net, and we'll get them out to you asap.


allisonmariecat said...

Hee, love the "head case" pic stuck in the middle :)

My pecan case is even more gorgeous in person! I'm passing my Chibi on to a friend now!

Susan said...

My entire family gathered around to admire the needle cases. And the kauni. And its gorgeous buttons. Somehow I missed the post with the closeup of the bee buttons. They are fantastic.

I am loving bees even though I almost got stung photographing yesterday. I had a very angry bee stuck in my hair with only Greta to help. Everyone else in bee suits.

Hey, thanks for linking to me, by the way.

You know you are getting better at a craft when you can make your mistakes in your head and fix them before you even start.

Charity said...

Those buttons look awesome! Kauni is so fabulous. :o)

bysarah said...

I love your sweater.
I have a big pile of kauni sitting in my stash waiting to become a sweater. Yours is totally motivating!

fatou said...

sweater looks's motivated me to finish the shaw that's been sitting in my knitting basket! Lonnie

tawana said...

I just wanted to say I love the blue acrylic case that I got. It is so gawjus in person. I am almost tempted to buying another one. But what would I do with it then. thank you...thank you thank you!!!!

Beverly said...

Let me know how the sleeves do. I haven't decided what pattern I'm going to use for my moms Kauni sweater. Yours is looking beautiful.

The new needle cases are lovely. Makes me want to order more.

Kim M said...

I still want my Shiro Plum! How can I pay you?!

Stefaneener said...

Kim! So good to hear from you -- see at the bottom of the post? Can you paypal my father in law directly? If you can't, email me so I can email you back, okay?

Tammy said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading following some computer disasters, and your needle cases have me floored. Absolutely gorgeous! I'll be back to pick one out!!

Oh, and the Kauni is looking pretty fab too! :)

Stefaneener said...

Kim, it's hitting the mail to you today. Thanks!

Janis said...

Do those sleeves! The sweater looks beautiful. Good job.