Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Almost 4 year old view

All I can say is, thank goodness for digital photography. I can carefully set Caterina up with the camera, and she takes pictures of her favorite things.

First, "her" garden. We set the small beds up for the four children, but only two are showing any real interest. Cat keeps asking for more things to be planted in her bed, but I've told her she's going to have to have a bigger one soon. This baby is crowded. Almost-empty rain tote and displaced deck chair behind.

The garden has to feel a little bit like a jungle to someone shorter than it is. See how it looms over her?

My experience says there's always at least a little chaos in a garden (or maybe it's just my family) but the deck project has more things tossed around. This is from between our house and the neighbor's house. I'm looking forward to having stairs again to hang the laundry. Schlepping it down the basement stairs which are nowhere near code just isn't going to happen.

Lastly, the near-overgrown area between the houses. I think I have long-term plans for it, but right now it's fun to sort of hack my way through like a jungle explorer.

Then I think I distracted her and wrestled the camera away. My pictures on another day.


Michelle said...

How fun to see the garden from the view of a 4 year old, it does look like a jungle.

Helen said...

Pretty darned good for a four year old. Digital photography is a great way to learn. By the time she's my age, she'll be Ansel Adams!

Stefaneener said...

Digital photography is also a cheap way to go, in some ways, since I can allow the children to take all the pictures they want. I don't have to print them, and everyone gets one or two good ones to their names!

Michelle, I think you're right. Have you ever lain down in your garden and looked up from a bug's perspective? Pretty odd!

kitsapFG said...

I agree with Michelle - it is really an eye opener to see the garden from a totally different perspective.

patricia said...

She's got a good eye, don't you think?

Maybe for our next yearbook, we should have a page of little kid photo contributions. The homeschool group from a different vantage!

Mr. H said...

looking through the eyes of a 4 year old really adds a whole new perspective to the garden. Perhaps I will let the grandson take a few pictures today after we pick him up.

Your garden looks great, I like how you strung your runner beans. I have always wanted to make a trellace like that for some of our plants, maybe next year. Are those scarlet emperor beans in the back?

Kristin said...

Please don't rid your jungle area. It's wonderful through there. I like Cat's angle-of-view.

Stefaneener said...

Tricia, some bloggers I know have a regular "through the eyes of" section. It's a great yearbook idea. I am always surprised at the pictures of light fixtures, feet, toys, and corners of rooms but I guess I shouldn't be. Just a very different perspective. Kristin and kitsapFG, it is a hoot to take the camera afterwards and try to figure out what they were thinking. I couldn't do that with film!

Mr. H., those are Scarlet Runner beans in the far back. I don't know what is in Cat's garden on poles. I thought I was handing her bush beans to plant. Next year, more vertical strings!