Monday, June 8, 2009

Steeking while Camping

My sister and I were in charge of activities on this camping trip. We planned none.

I had joked about having "steeking" being an activity, but was sure I was going to get to it after I'd done all the preparation needed for a camping trip. I didn't.

So it turned out to be something to do while we were there. (Hey, you can't play dodge ball, wade in the creek, or hike all the time!)

I cleared a space on the Stump By The Fire, and started in.

I didn't bother sewing stay stitches on these, because I planned to sew up the sleeves using mattress stitch right away, and they aren't going to be under any stress. I just sort of eyeballed a line down the middle.

The back side was fairly attractive.

But apparently the euphoria of cutting apart knitting got to me, because modeling them seemed like an appropriate behavior.

And then it was serious time.

They went together fairly easily, although I'm not thrilled with the seam myself, it will definitely do.

Once they were seamed, I couldn't resist a little creative basting.

I did get one sewn into the armhole, but realized afterwards that I'd wandered off the straight line and have to pick it out. After that I put them away in a fit of pique and darned an old sock instead. Plenty of time to seam, weave ends, wash and block before Saturday, right?


Kristin said...

I was there. How did I miss that beauty? You never stop do you?

MarieGrace said...

Yea for you! Steeking is so liberating somehow. And the sweater is beautiful!

Tammy said...

I am majorly impressed! Pictures of steeking always freak me out a bit at first, and when you say "eyeballed it"... well... shudder! But how gorgeous is that sweater?!

I've never seen sleeves done that way and I love how the colors line up (it pleases my need for order in the universe). Just beautiful!

Charity said...

That is totally wicked!! I am so very impressed - nice, nice job! :o)

cpurl17 said...

That is so beautiful. wow.

Susan said...

That sweater is to die for. It is so gorgeous. Evelyn says, woah, it's beautiful. So sorry to have missed the camping trip.

allisonmariecat said...

Wow, the "eyeballed" steeking outdoors amazes me.

Gorgeous, gorgeous sweater. My goodness, it's odd to see it as nearly a sweater and not a bit of a sweater. You really are almost done!

Pancake Goddess said...