Sunday, June 28, 2009

New patio visitor

Sources tell me that this is a Gulf Frittilary, Agraulis vanillae. She/he? came to visit yesterday, and landed on the base rock for the new patio. I've noticed more species of butterflies around this year. We always have painted ladies and swallowtails, but I've never noticed one of these before.

I had thought, naively, that the patio would be done yesterday. Denise and I worked really hard on it, and Kevin came and did a lot, and helped me learn to use a tamper. I think I'm going to stick with my non-tamping day job.

And Eric showed me yesterday that he thinks the patio should be bigger, and I had to agree with him. So I get to spend the rest of this week digging and leveling, then putting down more base rock. At least I'll get to use a tamper again!


chaiselongue said...

What a beautiful butterfly! I've never seen anything like that here, although we have swallowtails too. The weather's a bit hot for building work on the patio now, isn't it?!!

Stefaneener said...

We like to time our major garden projects for heat waves. Doesn't everyone?

Usually the sea breeze tempers our summer afternoons, and we get a fog from the San Francisco Bay during the mornings. This week, however, a high pressure system is holding the breezes and fog at bay. It's hot.

Usually we have to wait until September/October for this kind of heat.

islandgardener said...

That butterfly is so beautiful...we don't have those around here in VA!

Susan said...

Good luck with the leveling!

I am supposed to be leveling the piles of suitcases from our trip today. But it is so hot. I wonder if a tamper would do the trick.

Beautiful butterfly.

Kristin said...

It is a good sign that the butterfly landed on your new porch area, don't ya think?

The tamper will make your arms buffer than they already are. I wish mine were thin and cut like yours are.

Don't forget we've got a race to run on the 4th. Have you had any time to train? (All you do is work in the yard.)

kitsapFG said...

My husband and I were just commenting to each other today that we are seeing alot more butterflies AND more bees this summer!

I hope the heat gives you a break for the tamping job.

patricia said...

Maybe tamping in the heat is better than huddling and shivering at the beach?

Works every time...

Ktrion said...

Thanks for the awesome shots of the butterfly! We've been noticing them here in Fruitvale/Dimond as well. They're so exquisite and your first photo looks like spun glass.