Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can I call it succession planting?

Yesterday, I rode my bike to a great nursery in town, staffed by formerly homeless folks. It was a wonderful way to start the day -- there are few things I like as much as looking at vegetable plants and fruit trees. Such a garden dork, I tell you.

While my intentions were only to buy the plants I needed for a victory garden my church was planting for the food pantry, some few spare pots jumped onto my cart, almost unbidden.

When we got home, of course, I faced reality: I don't have a lot of free space. I do, however, have cabbages that are almost ready to harvest. Surely they wouldn't mind sharing with some summer squash?

Whether or not the summer squash are equally cheerful about the arrangement is questionable!

I put the new queens in their nucleus hives -- if it works, we'll have two hives to sell. I'm not holding my breath for success. Beekeeping is apparently not one of my natural talents!


Mr. H said...

As a fellow garden dork, I must say that it certainly sounds like a form of succession planting to me. The summer squash will just have to bare with the cabbage as they sit there in sullen silence awaiting the harvest.

Nice looking cabbages!

Kristin said...

I thought you said you didn't have the equipment to start two nucs. Where did it come from? Did you build it already? Please rest...I'm feeling awfully lazy. I'm reading all your posts and so behind in writing my own.